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    PID Target VersionSeverityStatusUpdated Summary
  0009675    minor
2024-07-17AddComment method should return a bad status if the comment is empty
  00096721   1.05.04 RC1minor
assigned (Randy Armstrong)
2024-07-16'Bad_ResponseTooLarge' instead of 'Bad_RequestTooLarge' in AcknowledgeMessage -> MaxMessageSize
  00096731   1.05.04 RC1minor
assigned (Randy Armstrong)
2024-07-16What is considered as 'fatal error'?
  0009674    minor
assigned (Karl Deiretsbacher)
2024-07-16Clients shall support all NodeId IdTypes
  000965831 major
2024-07-16Missing information in CCS in case of unidirectional connection without heartbeat
  00095744   major
assigned (Brian Batke)
2024-07-16Need stronger guidance on the use of UDP port numbers in connection config
  0009671    minor
2024-07-16Typo in Conformance Unit Description "FlatGlass_GlassMachineType"
  0009670    minor
2024-07-15Rework test cases and ensure that no bidirectional connection is required for generic tests
  0009668    minor
assigned (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-12Capabilities should not use magic numbers
  000953111 minor2024-07-12Historical Access Read Raw / Err-014.js: Fehler bei korrekter Ausführung (ContinuationPoint for Browse)
  000953013 minor2024-07-12Historical Access Read Raw / Err-025.js: Fehler bei korrektem Verhalten (HistoryRead bei Non-History Variablen erwartet)
  00095711   minor2024-07-12Missing History Facets
  00096195   major
2024-07-12Missing description of connection behavior when heartbeat or data subscription times out
  0009669    minor
2024-07-12Need a way to publish relevant address space information
  00096671   tweak
2024-07-12The different between the differente MaterialIDs is not clear from the documentation
  0009666    minor
2024-07-12Add more status codes to VerificationVariablesErrors in FunctionalEntityType.Verify
  0009665    minor
2024-07-12Clarify the expected input to IFunctionalEntityType.Verify if a single element of an array is being verified
  0009664    minor
2024-07-12Clarify the expected behaviour of IFunctionalEntityType.Verify method in terms of aborting processing
  0009663    minor
2024-07-12Clarify the scope of variables passed-in to the IFunctionalEntityType.Verify method
  0009662    minor
2024-07-12Add more status codes for AdditionalVariables in the VerifyAsset method
  0009661    minor
2024-07-12Clarify the expected order of checks in the VerifyAsset method
  0009660    minor
2024-07-12Relax requirements for results of VerifyAssetCmd.
  0009659 2 minor
2024-07-12Additional check needed for VerifyAssetCmd
  00078432   CtoDminor
acknowledged (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-12References between Assets and Descriptor
  000773461 minor
resolved (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-11Occurences of PortableNodeIdentifier need revision of RelativePaths roots.
  0009657    1.00.03minor
assigned (Emanuel Kolb)
2024-07-11Clarify usage of subattributes for BrowseName
  00095452   minor
resolved (Todd Snide)
2024-07-11Implement recommendations of OPAS-UAFX OE Harmonization group
  00094571   1.00.03minor
resolved (Emanuel Kolb)
2024-07-11Need to clarify "one manfest" rule in part 83
  00095434   minor
resolved (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-11Wrong reference in Figure D.7
  00078452   CtoDminor
2024-07-10Enhancement for locking and control groups
  00086491   feature
acknowledged (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-10Complete Client/Server model
  00090916   CtoDminor
2024-07-10Fast detection of changes to the ConnectionManager
  000796641 minor
assigned (Matthias Damm)
2024-07-10Add support for a protocol mapping to Kafka
  00091612   major
assigned (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-10Issues with AuditUpdateMethodResultEventType
  00078444   minor
assigned (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-10Alarm for ConnectionEndpoint in Error state
  0009656    tweak
2024-07-10Clarification needed: Encoding of the applicationUri within subjectAltName
  0009051    ?.??minor
assigned (Karl Deiretsbacher)
2024-07-10Add browse names for functional group names
  0009655    minor
2024-07-10TransferSubscriptions to same Session
  00096381   ?.??feature
resolved (Randy Armstrong)
2024-07-10Errata required for 1.04 to allow ECC algorithms
  00096162   major
2024-07-09Not clear how to link preconfigured published & subscribed data sets as required pairs
  00096452   major
2024-07-09DTLS Settings need a global option
  00093324   tweak
assigned (Matthias Damm)
2024-07-09Support kubernetes deployment
  00036562   feature
2024-07-09Support of UADP messages through UA TCP
  0009654    minor
2024-07-09UserToken Requirements in Standard UA Server Profile
  00095202   feature
2024-07-09Update SecurityPolicy [ECC-B] – ECC-nistP256 Encryption Algorithm
  0009500    minor
2024-07-09Push Model for ... / Err-007: Expected behavior for max # of certificates and StatusCode to return
  00095553   minor
assigned (Randy Armstrong)
2024-07-09Base type of TrustListUpdatedAuditEventType ambigous
  00074553   1.05.05 RC1minor
assigned (Jeff Harding)
2024-07-09TemporaryFileTransfer - StatusCodes for Methods
  00094521   major
assigned (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-09LegacySequenceNumbers for all ECC profiles have changed in ProfileReporting
  00089565   1.05.03 RC1minor
assigned (Paul Hunkar)
2024-07-09SymmetricSignatureAlgorithm_Poly1305 is a non-standard algorithm