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0004434CTT UA Scripts1 - Script Issuepublic2022-08-02 20:03
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Product Version1.03.340.380 
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Summary0004434: Subscription services - Subscription Basic - 052 fails if the retransmission queuesize is smaller than 6

The test Subscription Services - Subsription Basic - 052 if the retransmission queuesize per session is smaller than 6 (in our case it is 4). When the retransmission queuesize is set to 4, only 4 SubscriptionAcknowledgements are sent when the test tries to acknowledge everything in one call. Two sequencenumbers are then left caussing the test to fail with the follwoing error:
"No sequences should be availible since all have been acknowledged"

By setting const PUBLISHCALLCOUNT to 2 insted of 3, the test passes in our case.

Steps To Reproduce

Run Subscription services - Subscription Basic - 052 with "retransmission queuesize per session" set to 4.

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2018-12-18 08:41

developer   ~0009722

As described above this script requires a retransmission Queue of 6 (2 Subscriptions with 3 not Acknowledged DataChanges each). There are two Facets which are stating requirements for this queue.

Embedded DataChange Subscription Server Facet
Support of a NotificationMessage retransmission queue is not required.

Standard DataChange Subscription 2017 Server Facet
Support, as a minimum, the number of Publish requests per session as the size of the NotificationMessage retransmission queue for Republish.

This script should be moved to the "Subscription Publish Min 05" conformance unit. But still then the script needs a bigger queue then named by the profile (min. queue size 5). I would suggest to change the test case to just use a total of 4 DataChangeNotification for its test.

Paul Hunkar

2019-01-03 15:47

administrator   ~0009769

The script should be part of publish min 02 and publish min 05 - rework to match numbers specified in these min settings

and for min 02 allow a not supported option (if supported then it needs to be 4)

Paul Hunkar

2019-01-03 15:54

administrator   ~0009770

Additional comment:

The re-transmission queue is 2x the number of publishes supported - so if a server allow 3 outstanding publish requests supported then it needs to have a re-transmission queue of 6. a server is allowed to limit the number of Publish requests, if an additional request is received it shall return an error on the oldest request - limiting the umber of outstanding requests

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