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0006228Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Unified Architecture1 - Script Issuepublic2020-12-03 17:30
Reporterfishfrak Assigned ToSebastian Allmendinger  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.04.09.396 
Fixed in Version1.03.341.397 
Summary0006228: Base Information/Base Info Diagnostics/015

This testcases creates monitored items with a queue size of 2 and provokes queue overflows. However the script does not check the revised queue size but assumes it is always the requested size, which may not be the case as e.g. micro embedded servers may limit the maximum queue size to 1. The scripts proceeds and then reports a too high overflow count as error.

Steps To Reproduce

Run this testcase with a server with maximum queue size of 1, e.g. HP SDK Demoserver with max_monitoreditem_queue_size set to 1.

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Sebastian Allmendinger

2020-11-27 16:43

developer   ~0013312

The revised QueueSize is now taken into account when calculating the value of MonitorQueueOverflowCount.

Paul Hunkar

2020-12-03 17:30

administrator   ~0013368

reviewed in cmp meeting

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