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0006254Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Unified Architecture1 - Script Issuepublic2021-03-25 14:43
Reporterfishfrak Assigned ToSebastian Allmendinger  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.04.09.396 
Fixed in Version1.03.341.398 
Summary0006254: Monitored Item Services/Monitor QueueSize_1/005

For better understanding of the issue there is a wireshark capture attached, use "View->Time Display Format->Seconds Since Previous Displayed Packet" for a better view of the timings. The script creates monitored items, modifies the subscription and then sends two WriteRequest to provoke new values being sampled in the items. The nodes the script uses are of datatype boolean and byte, the WriteRequests (in the capture these are the last two captured WriteRequests) first write False and afterwards True to the boolean node, thus restoring the initial value. The delay between these WriteRequests varies a few milliseconds every run and sometimes is below the sampling interval (50 ms) like 44 ms in the attached wireshark capture. In rare cases this causes the item to not queue a new value for the boolean as it is only changed for a short moment between taking 2 samples, causing the script to fail.

Additional Information

The script fails only in very rare cases when the delay is below 50 ms and the sampling times are badly aligned with the WriteRequests, for some weird reason running all the Monitor QueueSize_1 testcases increases the chance for failing this one.

The reason for the short delay might be due to using a poor resolution timer like Windows GetTickCount() which is in the range of 10 ms to 16 ms.

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2020-11-12 15:11


Paul Hunkar

2020-11-23 14:59

administrator   ~0013287

The script should be updated to add delays been writes that are large enough to ensure a sample will have occurred (as well as after the last write to ensure the new sample has occurred before the publish is sent)

Sebastian Allmendinger

2021-02-26 09:22

developer   ~0013833

An updated version of the test script has been prepared and is ready for review. The delay has been increased to 1.5 * RevisedSamplingInterval and additional code lines will prevent that the subscription expires during the test case.

Paul Hunkar

2021-03-25 14:43

administrator   ~0014070

reviewed in CMP call - agreed to change and closed

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