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0009183UA SpecificationSpecpublic2024-07-10 10:27
ReporterErich Barnstedt Assigned ToErich Barnstedt  
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Summary0009183: Add protocol binding for SparkplugB to OPC UA PubSub

Now that SparkplugB will soon be released as an ISO standard (see:, a protocol binding for OPC UA PubSub makes sense. We would have to define the Protobuf schema (see, section 6.4.1. Google Protocol Buffer Schema) and work with the Eclipse Foundation to make the OPC UA schema part of the standard going forward.

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Jim Luth

2024-07-09 16:46

administrator   ~0021434

Plan to close with no-fix. Do you still want this? why?

Erich Barnstedt

2024-07-10 10:26

developer   ~0021438

Agreed, SparkplugB is fizzing out, let's close.

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