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0009184Part 81: UAFX Connecting Devices and Information ModelSpecpublic2024-07-09 02:28
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Summary0009184: Use of PortableRelativePath needs further clarification

During discussion in the Base Facet WG, a number of questions were raised regarding PortableRelativePath usage as described in section 13:

  • should the CM always include the reference type? If not included, "all References are included" which could result in multiple NodeIds being returned. How would the CM know how to handle that?

  • even if the ref type is included, it was stated that it is possible the path could result in multiple NodeIds from the translate method.

In either case it is not clear how a CM would deterministically know how to handle multiple NodeIds from the Translate method. We should see whether this could in fact be a problem for what the CM needs to translate. And if so, either state that servers must prevent this from happening, or otherwise have mechanisms to ensure that connections are reliably made using the correct nodes.

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Paul Hunkar

2024-01-12 14:59

manager   ~0020629

Last edited: 2024-03-15 12:33

this is to be address when we handle CM error reporting / processing.

we need to also add text explaining the possible error and that user should create configurations that would avoid the issue.

Paul Hunkar

2024-07-09 02:28

manager   ~0021425

A CM defines the CCS and browse paths - since a descriptor contain the AddressSpace of the Server - an engineering tool should be able to create BrowsePaths that are unique (and do not result in multiple nodes). Also the Server by definition in base OPC UA specification is to return the node that is most appropriate first, if multiple node do result and the CM should just use the first returned node.

additional text can be added to section 13 describing this expect behavior.

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