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000945210000-007: ProfilesSpecpublic2024-07-09 15:29
ReporterBernd Edlinger Assigned ToPaul Hunkar  
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Product Version1.05.03 
Summary0009452: LegacySequenceNumbers for all ECC profiles have changed in ProfileReporting

The spec has changed recently requiring LegacySequenceNumbers=FALSE
for ALL EC profiles, but there was no mention which profiles should be LegacySequenceNumbers=TRUE
originally in Part 7, so we thought that would only be added in future profiles like
therefore we implemented the previous ECC profiles (around 2019) with LegacySequenceNumbers=TRUE.

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related to 0009638 resolvedRandy Armstrong 10000-006: Mappings Errata required for 1.04 to allow ECC algorithms 
related to 0008956 assignedPaul Hunkar 10000-007: Profiles SymmetricSignatureAlgorithm_Poly1305 is a non-standard algorithm 


Randy Armstrong

2024-03-27 15:51

administrator   ~0021059

Need to make sure 1.04 ECC profiles are updated with LegacySequenceNumbers=FALSE

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