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0009500Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Unified Architecture4 - Test Case Definitionpublic2024-07-09 16:17
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Product Version1.04.11-01.00.506 
Summary0009500: Push Model for ... / Err-007: Expected behavior for max # of certificates and StatusCode to return

The test case is designed to test the (exposed) MaxTrustListSize and to validate the behavior when trying to exceed this size.
While testing a server, we ran into some questions:
1) MaxTrustListSize is specified as the maximum size of the Trust List in bytes. If a server also restricts the maximum number of elements in the TrustList, can the maximum size of one element be used to calculate the MaxTrustListSize (x * 4096 Bytes) and is the server allowed to return an error (with the same error code) before reaching the MaxTrustListSize?
2) Currently the test case expects Bad_OutOfRange or Bad_InvalidArgument. May Bad_OutOfMemory also be considered as an acceptable error code?

Depending on the outcome of the discussion, the test case definition should be updated accordingly.

Additional Information

Step 1: Write a new trust list via the methods of the TrustListType where the trust list is above the specified limit.
ExpectedResult: Bad_OutOfRange or Bad_InvalidArgument

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related to 0007455 assignedJeff Harding 10000-020: File Transfer TemporaryFileTransfer - StatusCodes for Methods 


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