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000745510000-020: File TransferSpecpublic2024-07-09 16:01
ReporterWolfgang Mahnke Assigned ToJeff Harding  
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Product Version1.05.01 
Target Version1.05.05 RC1 
Summary0007455: TemporaryFileTransfer - StatusCodes for Methods

In the TemporaryFileTransfer all Methods are defined mandatory, for reading and writing.

However, often a TenmporaryFile is read only or write only (see also 0007426).

It would be good if the spec
a) explicitly states this (at the moment the spec is silent on it) and
b) defines a reasonable StatusCode for it. Currently only Bad_UserAccessDenied is mentioned.

For CloseAndCommit another StatusCode should be defined, that is applied when the file was not opened for writing.

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Commit Version1.05.05 RC1
Fix Due Date2024-09-15


related to 0007426 closedKarl Deiretsbacher 10000-007: Profiles Conformance Units for Temporary File Transfer 
related to 0009500 new Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Unified Architecture Push Model for ... / Err-007: Expected behavior for max # of certificates and StatusCode to return 


Wolfgang Mahnke

2021-12-08 11:16

developer   ~0015494

Possible StatusCodes:

  • BadNotReadable
  • BadInvalidArgument (if GenerateOptions cannot be applied)
  • BadInvalidState (if another client already does and restricted)


  • BadNotWriteable
  • BadInvalidArgument (if GenerateOptions cannot be applied)
  • BadInvalidState (if another client already does and restricted)


  • BadInvalidState

Jim Luth

2021-12-08 16:51

administrator   ~0015502

Also needs 1.04 Errata.

Paul Hunkar

2024-07-09 16:00

developer   ~0021431

Discussed in UA group that we should also include the code BadOutOfMemory - for write operations

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