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0009538Part 81: UAFX Connecting Devices and Information ModelSpecpublic2024-07-09 14:45
ReporterJohannes Kempf Assigned ToPaul Hunkar  
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Product Version1.00.02 
Fixed in Version1.00.03 
Summary0009538: ReferenceType between Connectors folder and related instances of AssetConnectorType

Part 81 doesn't explicitly specify which reference shall be used between the Connectors folder and related instances of subtypes of AssetConnectorType.
So typically an Organizes reference is used for objects of FolderType instances.
However the BrowsePath in the text below Figure D.16 uses a HasComponent reference between Connectors and Slot1.
The semantic behind applies that the Slot1 of the example is part of the Connectors folder object. Actually IoBlock2 contains Slot1.

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Paul Hunkar

2024-05-13 05:07

manager   ~0021184

There are no requirements that a folder contain Organize references, it can also contain HasChild references (HasComponent, HasProperty....)
also IOBlock2 has its own Connectors folder which has its own Slot1 - probably the figure would have been better if was termed IO_Slot1, but the figure is only being used to illustrate brose paths that can be verified

Paul Hunkar

2024-05-24 13:55

manager   ~0021231

updated figure with new name "IOSlot1"

Paul Hunkar

2024-07-09 12:36

manager   ~0021426

Updated figure to indicate that the two slot1 items are different items - renamed one of them to IOSlot1

Johannes Kempf

2024-07-09 14:18

reporter   ~0021428

Sorry to reopen the issue. The BrowsePath below Figure D.16 contains still the old name "Slot1". It should be renamed as well.

Paul Hunkar

2024-07-09 14:45

manager   ~0021429


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