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0009580Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Unified Architecture1 - Script Issuepublic2024-07-05 07:51
ReporterUwe Stadelmann Assigned ToAlexander Allmendinger  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.04.11-01.00.506 
Summary0009580: ObjectTypesValidation.js ignores Bad_SecurityModeInsufficient

The problem occurs several times. One example is testing of the nodeid i=12545.

The reading failed with status code Bad_SecurityModeInsufficient.

The CTT is configures to connect with security mode none.
In this case the value of the nodeid i=12545 can not be read.

From the debugger: Ignoring Value with not good StatusCode: Read.Response.Results[0] received 'BadSecurityModeInsufficient (0x80e60000), but Expected: Good (0x00000000) or BadNotReadable (0x803a0000) or BadUserAccessDenied (0x801f0000).

The test fails with
"OutputArguments should be of type Array"
" Expected <1> but got <0>"

Bad_SecurityModeInsufficient should be expected, too.

Steps To Reproduce

Configure CTT Server Test -> Secure Channel with MessageSecurityMode = None and RequestedSecurityPolicyUri = None.
Use a user which is securityAdmin.
Run test case Base Info Type System -> ObjectTypesValidation.js

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Paul Hunkar

2024-07-04 15:26

administrator   ~0021416

The CTT should be updated to run these test using a secure endpoint (not none)

Frank Fischer

2024-07-05 07:51

reporter   ~0021421

The CTT should nevertheless be able to run this test successfully on servers that only have a none endpoint

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