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000964510000-014: PubSubSpecpublic2024-07-09 19:52
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Product Version1.05.04 RC1 
Summary0009645: DTLS Settings need a global option

The DTLS PubSub settings should be able to be set globally. This can be accomplished by allowing "ConfigurationProperties" from "PubSubConfiguration2" to include the DTLS Standard Properties as defined in

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Jim Luth

2024-07-09 15:26

administrator   ~0021430

The DTLS configuration key-value pairs are already allowed in PubSubConfiguration2. We do not see what else would be needed.

Jack Visoky

2024-07-09 19:52

reporter   ~0021435

Speaking with Matthias Damm over email we did not believe the current text allows for this information to be included in PubSubConfiguration2, or at least it is not explicit. Here is an except of the email from Matthias:

Hi Jack,

I remember that we discussed potential "global" configuration and overwrites on children. Such a global setting would be in the ConfigurationProperties of the PubSubConfiguration level.

But I do not remember why we just mention PubSubConnection and WriterGroup levels.
One reason could be that these levels can be provided with discovery messages.

It would be easy to add a statement like "A default value is configured in the ConfigurationProperties of the PubSubConfiguration."

Best Regards,

So the ask would be to add the statement like what Matthias has suggested above.

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