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000965310000-024: SchedulerSpecpublic2024-07-09 14:44
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Product Version1.05.02 
Summary0009653: OpcUa Part24 NodeSet

The Scheduler specification was released in 2022-11-01 as part of version 1.05.02, however I can not find any of the types specified in the Scheduler specification in the NodeSet.xml file for either version 1.05.02 or version 1.05.03.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Download version 1.05.03. of the NodeSet.xml file from or download version 1.05.02 from
2) Open the XML file in any text editor and search for the text "CalendarType" or any other type that's part of the Scheduler specification
3) No results are found. If the specification is marked as released I'd expect to find its types as part of the NodeSet.xml file.

Additional Information

Is the Scheduler specification officially released? Why is it not part of the standard NodeSet.xml if that's the case?

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