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000965610000-006: MappingsSpecpublic2024-07-10 11:06
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Summary0009656: Clarification needed: Encoding of the applicationUri within subjectAltName

Table 46 – Application Instance Certificate ( states for subjectAltName that it shall contain a URI that is equal to the applicationUri of the Application Description. It however does not entirely become clear what "equal" means in this context.

The applicationUri in the Application Description is an OPC UA string and can thus contain characters like 'Ö', the URI in the subjectAltName however must not contain such characters according to RFCs 3986 and 8141, here such characters require %-encoding. So is it required to encode the applicationUri properly before checking for equality or does it imply that such characters need to be %-encoded also within the applicationUri? If the latter is true, this should be stated explicitly in the specification here

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