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0006173CTT UA Scripts1 - Script Issuepublic2022-08-25 03:09
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Summary0006173: Subscription Services/Subscription Minimum 02/003

This testcase basically writes to subscribed values, waits until the Subscription is read to publish values and then sends a PublishRequest. This Request should not be enqueued but served immediately by the correct Subscription. However the script uses PublishHelper.WaitInterval to wait, this function waits for the highest PublishingInterval OR SamplingInterval, but to be sure the Subscription must publish immediately the script would need to wait for the SamplingInterval to expire and afterwards the PublishingInterval to expire. A server does not need to synchronize these intervals, so in the worst case this can take the SamplingInterval PLUS PublishingInterval.

It should be reviewed what the intended purpose of PublishHelper.WaitInterval is and whether it is broken or if it is just the wrong function to use in this script.

Steps To Reproduce

One affected server is the HP Demoserver, run this testcase with a SamplingInterval of 50ms and a PublishingInterval of 250ms multiple times (like 20), then the testcase should succeed most of the time but fail sporadically.

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duplicate of 0004874 closedAlexanderAllmendinger Subscription Minimum 02.003.js fails randomly 


Paul Hunkar

2020-11-12 16:36

administrator   ~0013189

This issue need to be discussed in a UA Meeting (the error code Bad_WaitingForInitialValue and the the paragraph in 7.20.2 DataChangeNotification parameter ) seem to be interpreted differently. Also section - see "When a Subscription is created, the first Message is sent at the end of the first publishing cycle to inform the Client that the Subscription is operational. " also see section Monitoring mode - "the Server shall report the first sample as soon as possible and the time of this sample becomes the starting point for the next sampling interval."

This need to be discussed from the client point of view and what a client can expect

Paul Hunkar

2020-11-12 16:36

administrator   ~0013190

waiting for UA group discussion


2020-11-13 09:12

reporter   ~0013194

The Problem is not the initial data change as the order of the first PublishResponses is ignored (these would have the same problem if checked though), but after the the initial data changes the script uses a WriteRequest to trigger further data changes which are checked for the correct order.

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